Tips on How to Avoid Scams and Fraudulent Activity for Cell Phones

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Millions of people cell phones every day but may not realize how much risk they put their personal information.  Researchers say almost 60 percent of people in the United States own a smartphone.  You can do practically everything on your mobile device nowadays from paying bills to ordering merchandise.  It is a great convenience to be able to complete tasks with just a few taps or swipes.  Yet, there are scammers on standby waiting for you to make a crucial mistake while using your device.  The mistake could leave you vulnerable to fraud or having personal information stolen. If you want to read reliable reviews Jay Lange Media Website is a resourceful site.   Here are a few tips on how to reduce the risk of cell phone fraud.

  1. Choose strong passwords and remember to change them often. Some experts suggest you change your password often to avoid personal information from being accessed. This reduces the risk of someone else trying to crack your password. Try to make your password difficult for someone else to know.
  2. Be aware of scams going after personal information like package tracking. There are a number of scams that include providing people with a tracking number to something they didn’t purchase. The message may include information claiming they couldn’t deliver a package. You may notice something about the message isn’t right such as the domain name or how the message was written. Avoid clicking links as it may try to collect your personal information or spread a virus. To avoid investing in a bad product, make sure to do your research. It is very important to invest in something trust worthy, Jay Lange Media Review Page provides great insight on spyware products.
  3. Do you know your privacy settings on downloaded apps? Most apps have settings that allow it to update when you are in range of a Wi-cell phone spy Fi setting.  Such apps may also want access to certain details on your phone prior to downloading.  Review this information carefully to ensure you are downloading a legitimate app. You can check app settings at any time to get an idea of what happens when an app accesses your information.
  4. Be mindful of Wi-Fi networks potentially used by fraudsters. You may have your phone set to automatically connect to Wi-Fi in certain places such as public restaurants. Sometimes information from your device can be picked up from an open Wi-Fi connection. This means if you are in a coffee shop and use your cell phone to do shopping while using the Wi-Fi of the coffee shop, you could be putting your information at risk. Such public locations will have more people using the same connection.
  5. Be careful when shopping using your mobile web browser.  Your mobile browser can put your personal information at risk. If you choose to use your mobile browser make sure the website has a secured connection.  It should have “https” as part of the address in the address bar.  Such sites may have the same security feature on the computer version of the site. You may also find a green icon shaped as a lock in the bar.  This also signals the site is secured and your information should be safe. If you are considering spyware software it is a good idea to read Jay Lange’s Blog Posts.


Pros and Cons of Prepaid Cellphones

cell phone spyPrepaid cell phones, also known as pay-as-you-go phones, are budget-friendly cellular options utilized by people of all ages.  This is a cell phone without a contract or commitment.  With prepaid cell phones you can pay for the amount of minutes or talk time necessary based on what you can afford.  When you pay for service with this type of cell phone you pay for talk time and data usage (texting, browsing, sending/receiving messages, etc.). Even though this option can help you save money there are some downsides people should know before investing in this option.  Also- if you are interested in a good spyware software, Safe Guard Blog is a great site to consider for feedback. Here is a general overview of pros and cons of using pay-as-you-go phones.

Pros of Prepaid Cell Phones That Make Them Appealing
Prepaid cell phones have no contracts or commitments.  You can get a phone and pay for it according to your budget.  It makes perfect sense if you don’t talk on the phone very much or you just want something to have in case of an emergency.  There are consumers who use this phone option because you only pay for minutes and data you need without wasting any unused minutes.

You can obtain a prepaid cell phone without a credit check. If you don’t have good credit or you don’t have any established this is a good option. The phone is appealing to teens that fall into this category.  When you want service you don’t need to make a deposit.  Many of these phones can be purchased locally or ordered online. Parents who want their child to have a cell phone opt for prepaid as they can control spending.

If you are weighing out your options about a mobile spy software, it is a good idea to do some research regarding the product you are considering. Safe Guard Review Page will provide you with good reviews. There are a few Safe Guard articles that you might find interesting and beneficial

Cons that Make People Think Twice before Buying
cell phone spyWhile there are plenty of benefits to prepaid cellphones there are downsides that make people think twice before getting this phone.  Some feel these phones are more expensive than phone options part of a contract or monthly plan.  This is because you have the option to purchase a cell phone outright and then decide which talk and data plan you want to pay for. Some feel how much you pay to talk is higher than a contract amount.

Users are limited to cell phone options when using a prepaid phone. This is different from a contract phone as you can choose to trade or change your phone when a new model becomes available. Prepaid phones help control usage, but if you don’t keep tabs on how often you talk, text, or use other data features you could run out of minutes when you least expect it.  This means you would need to reload your phone by using a data pack or reloadable minutes you pay for.

Good Option to Invest Over Contract Phones
Overall, prepaid cell phones are a popular option for anyone who wants a cell phone with budget. For contract phones you may end up getting a free phone upon signing your contract.  You may agree to terms of a year or two years, depending on the phone company in question.


Most Popular Free and Affordable Android Apps to Consider

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Do you love using apps on your cell phone? You are not alone as millions of people download apps on a regular basis. Android users have a wide variety of free and paid apps to choose from.  There are many who enjoy free apps since you don’t pay anything to use it regularly.  There are paid apps offering features that can be considered a step up from free apps depending on the type of app and its features.  Since there are so many apps to choose from it can be hard to settle on just a few.  You are more likely to find something you like based on reviews of other users. Apps like Auto Forward Software is becoming more and more popular, especially among parents. It is mainly being used as a precautionary- With the increase in social media crime rate, parents feel compelled to monitor what their children are doing. Here is an overview of android app options along with tips on how to find the best options based on your interests and concerns.

How Do You Find Apps for Your Android?

Finding apps for your Android is easy. You can follow instructions for your mobile device or get details from your service provider.  You can visit the Google Play Store for various types of apps compatible for your phone’s operating system. There are apps for different genres such as books, music, games, and more.  You can learn about most popular apps by reading product reviews through the app store or through tech blogs offering tips and insight on mobile apps. If you are interested in Auto Forward, you can easily visit the Auto Forward website and search your options.

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How Can App Reviews Help You Choose?

Reviews for Android apps can be helpful in giving a general idea of how useful the app will be for you.  People often will decide to download an app because it has good reviews.  If many reviews are negative people may not be interested.  You can get an idea of how the app works and why others recommend it.  You can also get insight on any technical issues people are experiencing with the app.  Some apps need updates completed to maintain content, then there are apps that get updated but don’t operate the way they should. Auto Forward Review Page has a lot of great reviews,there are many people happy with the software.

Top Android Apps to Download and Additional Tips to Consider

When considering apps for Android make sure they are compatible with your device.  You will notice there are apps made by the same company but created for certain mobile devices.  When you go to download the content pay attention to any permissions it may need to complete the process.  When you need additional space for downloading apps consider using additional storage such as a SD card.

There is a long list of topapps to consider for your device. You can find options based on genre and there are new apps made available regularly.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea, just look for apps most interesting to you and begin download.  You can choose to remove an app if you need more space or loss of interest. Here is a brief list of some of the top apps downloaded by millions of Android users.

  • Avast Mobile Security App
  • Comics App for Android
  • Evernote App for Android
  • The Google Family of Apps
  • Slacker Music App for Android
  • Polaris Office App for Android
  • Auto-Forward Software


Top 10 Signs Your Man is currently Cheating For You. Hint: Check Their Cell Phone!

cell phoneIs love real?

you never imagined you’d experience it yourself, although in books; observed its magic in shows; paid attention to its impact on people in tracks you find out about it. After which … one day … it happened. Love. True love. Grownup love. Eternal love. The sort of your-soul love that forced one to say ridiculous -bottom-of- deep-down things like “I do” facing all of your friends and family one fantastic time in June several years ago. There’s reasons the beginning of a relationship is known as the “honeymoon phase” – anything is flowers and wine. After which actual life sets in.

So is he an Arnold Schwarzenegger to your Maria Shriver? A Tony Parker to your Eva Longorio? A Ashton Kutcher for your Demi Moore? Celebrity cheating scandals happen all the time. But we accept that form of TMZ-behavior as acceptable in Hollywood. Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson and shacked up along with her film director. (So cliche!)

Their golf game hasn’t been the exact same since! It had been claimed that Tiger rested during his marriage with around 19 mistresses. People love reading about that stuff, along with other magazines and the National Enquirer hav been with US for a long time, usually with a captive market as well as a significant visitor.

Actor Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie get to the 84th Annual Academy Awards at the Hollywood & Highland Center February 26, 2012 in Hollywood, California. Infidelity

Remember these vows of yours? Especially because you’ve started to think that he’s cheating you. You can generate yourself insane contemplating it, turning over activities in your head, and you could possibly go so far as following him when he goes to work.

But how can you make sure? Lacking finding him in bed with some hussy he met at online or the office, appearing he’s a cheat may be a genuinely trial… but not an impossible one! But before it gets that far, do some soulsearching, and find out if the symptoms are there.

Here are 10 certain indications that help show your one real love maybe two-timing you. Beware!
1.He takes his cell phone with him everywhere—even when he visits the toilet
2.Personal habits and his appearance have changed—new haircut, cleaner vehicle, nicer clothes, joined etc, a gym.
3.He makes or takes phone calls always out of earshot.
4.There’s a sharp increase in his “need to become at work”.
5.He’s hard to accomplish through the day—or worse … at night!
6.He freaks out whenever you grab his cell phone.
7.He’s been building a large amount of new friends and they’re all women.
8.He seems secretive and noncommittal about his time.
9.He wants more “me time” and less “we time”.
10.He stops initiating sex or says he’s too exhausted if you try to take action.

Helpful Tips All About Cell Phones

The most popular piece of technology there is these days would be cell phones. They are everywhere, and people go crazy for them. They provide far more of a service than just calling friends. If you need to learn about cell phones, you’ve landed on the right page.

Once in a while so that you can get rid of the memory that is stored from programs like Twitter and Facebook make sure that you restart your cell phones every. It makes your phone perform well when you do this a few times a week.cell phones

When you’re using an LTE or 4G signal, be careful with videos. Your phone may have a limited data allowance. You can burn your allowance fast through video use alone, so your bill might rocket right up. You might want to look for a new plan if you see yourself going over.

Don’t be the first to grab the latest and greatest device. It isn’t always worth it. The update may just be a simple one. Look at cell phone reviews prior to purchasing a new one. In many cases, you do not.

If you have a smartphone, you most likely use it quite often throughout the day. Turn it off from time to time when you can. Any smartphone is like a small computer. If you periodically restart the device, your smartphone operates more efficiently and without consuming excess memory. With just a simple restart, you can really see a difference in your cell phone.

Does your cell battery die fast? You might have a weak signal if so. Weak signals can drain batteries. Remember to turn your phone off when you aren’t using it, especially in an area with a weak signal.

Before picking one, also go into the store and look at various cell phone models. Take your time doing this to get the feel of various types of cell phones. You will almost always find one that you love.

Think about another option for once if you always buy a certain kind of phone. While you may think you only know how to use one type of phone, you should keep your mind open. Taking a chance with another phone might make you feel more satisfied with your choice.

Before you get your cell phone, try asking neighbors and friends for advice. People you already trust can give you a lot of feedback regarding the phones they have used. They could help you in deciding the right phone for you, and it will make cell phone shopping easier for you.

cell phonesNever buy a smart phone if you only use your phone to make voice calls. It seems like most people have smartphones these days, but it is usually because people use their phones to send emails or surf the Internet. You will pay far more for a smart phone so, make certain it will be worth the money.

Most smartphones lack an optical zoom feature. Move closer to get a better shot. There are lenses available for purchase to allow your smartphone to actually zoom, however.

If you would like to have the latest cell phone technology, make sure you purchase something new every couple of years. You will get the best performance from the mobile websites you visit with a newer phone. If you have an older phone, this means you will not have the best experience.

Protect your phone. It can be costly to fix them. Get a screen protector that works good so the screen doesn’t get scratched. Getting a hard case to go with the screen protector may protect your phone if it’s dropped and even from daily wear.

It might be a lot easier to use a WiFi connection instead if you’re trying to watch videos on your cellular phone. Videos are heavy and use the allowance for your data. Watch away to your heart’s content if on the other hand your data plan is unlimited.

When you find yourself in a place with a weak cell phone signal, turn your phone off or set it to flight mode. The battery gets used more when it looks for a signal. Only have the search feature turned on when you know you will have good signal.

Just because you can take your cell phone anywhere doesn’t mean that you should use it while you drive. You reduce the risk with a headset however, you are still not giving your full attention to your primary task, which is operating a large piece of machinery at high speeds. Some research shows that just this is risky.

We hope you have gleaned some useful tips from this article that will help you make the most of your cell phone use. There is so much you can get from that little gadget! Use the tips you learned in this article and make the most of your cell phone use.